The 10 Guys You Date Before ‘The One’

February 6, 2013 § 5 Comments

  1. The guy who is into you way more than you are into him but you date anyway because all of your friends have boyfriends.
  2. The guy who is into you until you are into him (one minute he ignores you and the next he is obsessed). Then you eventually realize this game of ‘playing hard to get’ is really just a game of ‘how long can I string this bitch along’.
  3. The guy who fits the description of everything you thought you wanted and forces you to realize that maybe ‘Ivy League, Sucks The Fun Out Of the Room And Wears A Sweater Vest Non-Ironically’ isn’t your thing after all.
  4. The guy who you know is all wrong for you and could even pass as homeless (in a hot way) but you have fun together so you decide you are going to ride it out till it ‘stops being fun’ or until he sells all of his personal belongings and buys a one way ticket to the Republic of Congo.
  5. The guy who you think is your soul mate until you sober up.
  6. The guy who is in the boy band or who was on that one season of Real World or who used to date Mischa Barton or who has some other low grade ‘claim to fame’.
  7. The guy who you think is really deep but then turns out to be a complete sociopath. (Usually the same guy who is suspiciously “independently wealthy”)
  8. The guy who turns you into the type of girl who goes through her boyfriend’s phone.
  9. The guy who has cancer, is currently going through chemo and has one leg.
  10. And most likely you’ll repeat dating a few of these cause even if you are a genius, we’re all pretty stupid.

Then eventually you’ll date, the guy who makes you realize you’ve never properly been loved until you were loved by him AKA ‘The One’.

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