Grownup Slumber Party

January 7, 2013 § 4 Comments

You know how the weekends go – another night, another party. But next time maybe make it a grownup sleepover?

And I’m not talking about that kind of grownup sleepover. I’m talking about an actual slumber party – face masks, talking about boys and staying up till dawn to watch cliche movie after cliche movie.

When life gets busy, its so easy to let our ‘to do’ list take priority over our ‘want to do’ list. I realized there are times I get so consumed with holding it all together that it can feel like I’m hardly living.

And that’s when I need some quality time, for realsies, just a whole evening spent laughing about stupid shit.

So my recommendation to you is, pick a weekend, any weekend – maybe even this weekend? Call up your besties and have a blasty-blast of a night in. I’m telling you, don’t you dare put it off till the next bachelorette weekend.

Jamie’s List of Suggested Sleepover Movies

  • Pretty Woman
  • Mean Girls
  • Dirty Dancing
  • Girls Just Want To Have Fun
  • Bachelorette
  • Top Gun
  • 16 Candles

Dedicated to all the lovely ladies I proudly call my besties: Promise me (even if you don’t mean it) that we’ll always have sleepovers?

And to all the rest of you out there – I think we’re gonna be really best friends.

Something Is Missing In My Life and It’s Lauren Conrad*:










*By Lauren Conrad, I mean the MTV show The Hills

Cheers, Bitches!

December 24, 2012 § 2 Comments

Happy holidays, my loves! I hope yours is truly mind-blowing! xoxo

The Best Way To Spread Holiday Cheer Is Singing Loud For All To Hear:

Mean Girls Christmas

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