A Man Tribute

November 13, 2012 § 2 Comments

With the new James Bond movie out, it got me thinking why women (myself included) love James Bond:

  • He’s unattainable.
  • He’s a snappy dresser.
  • He knows the power of a one liner.
  • He has an accent.
  • He’s good with a gun.
  • He’s a gentlemen.

This list then inspired me to do a tribute to all the mens out there, so I pulled a few manly items for today’s post. Enjoy.

It’s A Man’s World:

DIY: Beard Cozy – made with your own beard hair.

Great Facial Hair:

Swag is for Boys, Class is for Men:


Man Style I’m Digging:

Manly Kitchen Gear:

Respect to Some of My Favorites:

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