Spare Change

October 23, 2012 § 2 Comments

I once had a crush on a homeless kid. True story. Ok, maybe crush is too strong of a word…let me rephrase. I once found a homeless guy attractive. He was always shirtless and had mad juggling skills, two of the qualities I find very appealing. My make believe backstory for him was that he didn’t consider himself to be homeless because the earth was his home and it was his choice to reject society’s obsession with material belongings; he was striving for substance instead of the illusion of ownership and some other hippie shit. But I never actually talked to him so he could have been a meth head. Either way I was able to spare a dollar.

My point is – I’m much more likely to throw down if the person asking has a witty sign, a theme or if they happen to be good looking.

So, hats off to these folks for not letting something like being homeless ruin their creativity:

Seems legit.

Oh man. Don’t we all? If you can walk by this guy and not spare a quarter then you have no heart.

Who is this mean girl who broke this guys heart AND then took his shoes?

I don’t know if this guy is actually homeless but I like his sign so I’m counting it.


Inappropriate but very funny kid halloween costume.

I bet you he wins all the bum fights.

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