Sparkles and Pretending

November 26, 2012 § Leave a comment

I love the holidays because I love spending time with my family. Which also means I hate it when they leave. I tend to get a lil’ mopey in the aftermath. The house is too quiet and there is no glitter to clean up.

But instead of letting the sadness residue stick around for days I decided to use the whole ‘dress happy, be happy’ trick. The way it works is, you get what you see. So wear what you want and be who you want but I dare you to be unhappy wearing a tutu with shoes full of glitter. Just trust me on this, it could replace prozac.

And if that doesn’t work there’s always cutting.

This Is My Happy Place:

Throw Some Glitter, Make it Rain!

November 9, 2012 § Leave a comment

Glitter is the new puppies, it makes everything exponentially happier. And its my favorite color. 

Oh Shit Girl, You Look Mermaid Pretty*:

*Mermaid Pretty is the highest form of pretty – Source: Jamie’s Hierarchy of Prettiness

If You Insist I Wear Pants

November 1, 2012 § Leave a comment

Jamie’s Guide to Wearing Pants:

No pants – is ideal. Second choice, yoga pants. That way if I choose to look like shit at least people think I just worked out. Good trick. But if I must where actual pants, then comfy will win every time. Which is one of the reasons I love Fall – tights, stockings, leggings. Yes, please!

Love the tights over tights look:

So Stylish, So Upbeat! How is it that I only just discovered Black Milk leggings? – (Thank you, Sarah!)

There are sooo many adorable styles out there, I couldn’t resist sharing a few more:

And let’s not forget the lil’ ones:

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