I Genuinely Have Nothing to Say

March 6, 2014 § 8 Comments

But I don’t know. I just missed you guys, I guess.

So little to say…maybe I shouldn’t have even written this post?

I did, though.

I'm so bored gif

Ok, here’s the plan. We drink. And that’s the plan.

So, m’babes, let’s get together and pop open a bottle of wine. Just grab your Caloric Cuvee glass. Oh? You don’t have one?

Don’t touch me. Monster.

Fine. I’ll introduce you. Behold – the Caloric Cuvee wine glass. LOOK AT IT!

Caloric Cuvee

Maybe you should take a closer look. ENHANCE. ENHANCE. ENHANCE. And I’ll add a tiny model! Ok, now look!

Caloric Cuvee

You can fill it to the calorie marks, super helpful, or you can fill it so high that the feelings you usually reserve for your dream journal spill out into real life.

Pre-tay sweet. And I’m not just saying that cause this super cool company sent me some free shit. I am not above selling out. Trust. But these glasses are actually freakin’ adorable. And you can totally get in on this. Just leave a comment below letting me know why wine is your favorite beverage. And if it isn’t, lie.

Then I’ll choose my favorite (sexual favors encouraged) and Caloric Cuvee will send you a free glass to call your own. Boo-ya! Biz-natches! Don’t say I never gave you anything. AND EVERYTHING IS RIGHT WITH THE WORLD!

Now look at the pictures.

Someone Buy My Blog…

Hi Five


laying in the street

Champagne in the street

jumping on the bed


double fisting it

Dog with sunglasses

In bed

Relaxing in this tree

Wine boobs

Wine Glass

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§ 8 Responses to I Genuinely Have Nothing to Say

  • Sandy says:

    I love this measured wine glass. It is perfect for my special food (and drink) plan!!

  • Jennifer K says:

    I love how you started out with nothing to say which then led into a totally wineo convo!! Because let’s face it….is there anything more important than wine :-)

  • Lace says:

    Year 29 hit me like a cheap glass of wine on Tuesday… And they say… wine only gets better with age, so I did the math.

    Me + wine + a shiny new piece of stemware that may or may not put me in check after the first bottle = better with age too? Let’s hope so.

    Cheers to you, your blog and the last year in my twenties. Don’t ever stop writing, Darling! You’re a riot.

  • Ned's Blog says:

    I do enjoy a nice, full-bodied wine. On the night stand next to the bed. Especially when I’m too distracted to drink it for a while. Eventually, though, it really hits the spot…

  • charity says:

    wine is my favorite because it makes me feel better about smoking cigarettes out of my window. just being honest here!


  • Aja says:

    Wine is my favorite beverage because when I drink it, then, at least, I start off a little classy!

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