I Guess I Write Poems Now?

September 17, 2013 § 4 Comments

A lil’ something from yours truly about (surprise surprise) drinking…

When We Were Thirst-ay

Here’s to the nights we drank liquor out of plastic bottles
When pre-drinking was a necessity due to maxed out credit cards
When we considered drinking in the shower a savvy way to multi-task
When push-up bras and cleavage were our most fashionable accessory
When our mandatory dress codes included high heels and liquid coats

Here’s to long bathroom lines in loud dingy bars
When we hovered over wet toilet seats filled with make-believe STD’s
When we glimpsed in the mirror & thought, I’m the baddest bitch in this bar
When we tried not to catch a glimpse knowing it would prob ruin our night
When we decided fuck it, I’ll just go in the Men’s

Here’s to meeting strangers
When we had stimulating but quickly forgotten political discussions
When we defended being a feminist & keeping up with the Kardashians
When we wanted to go outside and cry about stuff
When we scanned the room to find which boy to be awkward with

Here’s to the end of the night
When we regretted wearing heels and wish’d we were home in sweatpants
When talking turned into kissing
When the 5 second rule applied to pizza dropped face down
When calls on repeat to our ex’s seemed like a good idea

Here’s to the next day
When mornings didn’t exist – only bottomless mimosa filled afternoons
When workdays called for hide-under-your-desk 3PM naps
When Gatorade and coconut water were our best friends
When “let’s meet for coffee” meant “let me try to unsay the drunken things I said”

Here’s to when this shit started to get old
When nature gave us 2 day hangovers
When we started to care about things like, keeping our dignity intact
When we learned to drink in moderation
When we looked back at how young & disgusting we were & didn’t miss it

Here’s to someday when we will miss it, the best and worst of those nights
When we’ve grown restless from carpooling children & conference calls
When we attend dinner parties where no one cries or loses their debit card
When nostalgia replaces former cringe-worthy moments
When we love our lives yet find ourselves fondly reminiscing

Here’s to the oldest story in the book
When one day it’s today, then suddenly it’s yesterday
When some of the nights were purer than the days
When some of our words were never truer
When they may not have been our proudest moments but they were exactly what they should’ve been

Because that, my friends, that is the good stuff

I’ve Been Drinking About You:

Girls night out





Girls just want to have fun

I feel bad for people who never go crazy quote

Restroom without urnial

Photo Creds: Tequila / Fence / Vegas Twerk

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