Hopefully I’m Preaching To The Choir On This One

March 27, 2013 § 1 Comment

Yesterday social media sites were flooded with supporters of same-sex marriage showin’ the love, which made my heart very happy.

Its about love. Well of course, its about love. But its also about equality. If you don’t happen to be gay then play along with me for a moment and imagine that these are a few of your rights that will continue to be denied if the Supreme Court votes against same-sex marriage:

You wouldn’t be able to see your loved one in the ICU, even if it turned out to be their final hours.

If you raised a child together and you separated, you would have no legal rights to custody or visitiation of that child. Or if your partner died, you would not be the guardian. They would go back into the system. And adopting a child as a single parent is a battle not easily won.

Even if you and your partner were together for 30 years, if they died you would have no rights to their belongings, which could include the house you live in. And you wouldn’t get a say in any of the burial decision either.

Then there are the tax deductions you wouldn’t get, shared health benefits you wouldn’t received, you wouldn’t be able to sue for ‘wrongful death’ if something happened to your partner, there would be no conjugal visits if your loved one was incarcerated, no immigration or residency benefits for non-citizen partners, no alimony or child support upon separation, you wouldn’t be able to claim ‘marital communication’ if you were called to testify against your partner and unfortunately the list goes on.

Its wrong to deny anyone these rights. Its disgusting its still up for debate. But I have complete faith everything is going to turn out wonderful and I’ll have some pretty sweet weddings to attend in the near future.

We Belong Together:










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