That’s a Brilliant F*cking Question

January 23, 2013 § 3 Comments

I have some questions that I can’t ask the internet or that I asked the internet and the answer was inconclusive. I’m flying blind here and I’m not sure who to turn to. If you happen to be an authority of some kind and know any of these answers please tell me. Tell me now.

  • Do kids still learn cursive?
  • Why won’t Ken propose to Barbie?
  • Aren’t acronyms just initials and initials just acronyms?
  • When are fanny packs going to officially come back in?
  • Why isn’t everyone obsessed with narwhals?
  • Which one is the pretty sister – MK or Ashley?
  • Is it just me or does Ryan Gosling look a little Methy*?
  • Do you want me to tell you where it hurts?
  • Is your accent real? Is anyones real?
  • Are boner jokes funnier than fart jokes?
  • Is it true any exposure is good exposure?
  • Can you get pregnant from kissing?
  • Who would win in a fight – Conan O’Brien or Jon Stewart?
  • Who would win in a dance fight – Conan O’Brien or Jon Stewart?
  • Will someone carry me home?

Let’s Just Remember At One Point, I Was Funny:



good grief this looks my boy Tuck.  German Shorthair - i'd notice that head tilt & big floppy ears any day.  sweetest & dumbest dog ever - love him :)






*One who looks as if they have just come off a methamphetamine bender.

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