It’s In The Bag

December 12, 2012 § Leave a comment

Tis’ the season to downsize that purse of yours. I stumbled upon a few super-fun clutches that just might be perfect for this year’s round of holiday parties. You can thank me later!

Hold Me Close:HM Candy ClutchHM Candy Clutch

H&M Candy Wrapper Clutch – Freakin’ Sweet

DVD Clutch

Fast Forward Clutch

Pause. Rewind. What’s that you say a VHS Clutch? Yup. See how to DIY here



Kate Spade Book Clutch – Too Cool For School

Pink Snow Globe Clutch aka Entertainment for HoursDomino Purse

Domino Pandora Clutch – Game on Bitches

Jil Sander Leather Paper Bag

Looking for something a bit more chic to hold your 40? Try this stamped Bodega Bag ($140 – yes, really) P.S. This bag is stupid.

Magazine Clutch

This clutch is made from recycled magazines. Upside – its green. Downside: people may assume you are taking a #2 every time you enter a restroom, purse in hand.

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