Workin’ the (Department Store) Corner

November 28, 2012 § 1 Comment

It’s hard out there for a perfume sample girl. I know this because for a short period in high school I was one. Don’t think we can’t see you as you cut from the walkway into the clothing rack maze in an attempt to avoid us. Do you know what that does to a girl’s self esteem? What I’m trying to say is – perfume sample girls are people too.

Although mostly mean people. On my first day one of the more experienced girls told me that her territory was, ‘everything from women’s shoes to the Clinque makeup counter.’ It’s no joke, those bitches will accidentally spray perfume in your face if you even think about working their corner.

The takeaway lesson here is: just take that skinny piece of smelly paper and go about your day. Also, try everything in your power to not work as a perfume spray girl.

Spray It To My Face:

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§ One Response to Workin’ the (Department Store) Corner

  • calicourt says:

    Ha! Very funny. I think I used to think that would be a glamorous job. My friend and I used to love to go get “makeovers” in high school at Clinique. Those make up girls must have hated us! We’d get the full makeover and then buy the cheapest thing, like an eyeliner …

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