Once Upon a Tom Cruise

May 30, 2014 § 1 Comment

Tom Cruise Wants To Go On a Date With You, He Isn’t Your Type But He Wins You Over With His Charm

"Risky Business" (1983) Tom Cruise Photo Credit: Shootign Star Archives

Tom Cruise Makes You Laugh, You Try Not To Get Attached But You Can’t Help It, There’s Just Something About Him

Risky Business Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise Makes You Feel Like Maybe This Love Thing Isn’t All BS

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise Gives You Butterflies, Starts to Make You Feel Whole

Tom Cruise Handsome

Tom Cruise Introduces You as His Girlfriend

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise Suddenly Grows Distant, Stops Asking You How Your Day Was

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise Gets Easily Agitated, Starts Being Critical of Your Outfits

Jealous Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise Starts Picking Fights For No Reason

Tom Cruise Jack Reacher

Tom Cruise Comes Home Late and is Dismissive When You Ask Where He’s Been

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise Says, It’s Over, Asks You to Leave, Says There is Nothing Left to Say

Tom Cruise - Hand in your face

Tom Cruise Misses You, Thinks About What He Could Have Done Differently

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise Regrets What He Said, Wants You Back Now

Tom Cruise Crying

Tom Cruise Doesn’t Know How To Live Without You


Tom Cruise Asks Dustin Hoffman How To Win You Back

Rainman / Tom Cruise / Dustin Hoffman

 Hoffman Thinks Maybe a New Hair Style Will Work

Tom Cruise Bad Hair

Tom Cruise Likes All Your Posts in Hopes He’ll Get Your Attention

Tom Cruise Top Gun

Tom Cruise Says, Baby, I’m Sorry, Just Give Me a Chance to Make this Right. I Can Make This Right.

Tom Cruise

 Tom Cruise Seems Different This Time Around

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise Will Never Take You For Granted Again

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise Stretches Before He Enters You

Tom Cruise Flexible

Tom Cruise Is Now The Father of Your Babies, He’s Such a Good Dad

Tom Cruise and Suri


Tom Cruise


When Does It End?

January 29, 2013 § 3 Comments

Lately I’ve been stuck at a standstill trying to piece together the screenplay I’m currently writing. It’s very frustrating and has me obsessing about story structure.

Where you decide to start a story and where you choose to end it, all depends on what type of story you want to tell. To better explain what I mean (and to fit in some much needed procrastination). I found this quote from Charlie Wilson’s War:

Gust Avrakotos: There’s a little boy and on his 14th birthday he gets a horse… and everybody in the village says, “How wonderful, the boy got a horse.” And the Zen master says, “We’ll see.” Two years later the boy falls off the horse, breaks his leg, and everybody in the village says, “How terrible.” And the Zen master says, “We’ll see.” Then a war breaks out and all the young men have to go off and fight… except the boy can’t cause his legs messed up and everyone in the village says, “How wonderful.”

Charlie Wilson: And the Zen master says, “We’ll see.”

I also found this very interesting collection of Fallen Princesses by Dina Goldstein. Which just proves fairy tales do exist as long as you correctly choose where to end the story.

Realistically Ever After:








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