What Did I Miss? Tell Me.

April 28, 2014 § Leave a comment

Oh wait, that’s not how this works. Ok then I’ll give you some things I’ve been into lately.


Next time your crippling insecurities make you feel like shoving spoonfuls of frosting into your mouth watch this. Then go ahead and do the frosting thing anyways because frosting is delicious.

But be sure you remember: No matter what you look like someone out there would love to plant his face in your XXX.

And This:

This is lovely. Play on repeat.

Also This:

Kind of like heroine. I have no idea how heroine works. Most likely not the same at all. What I meant by that is I’ve been binge watching this show via Netflix. So good.

Legit Show / Jim Jefferies / Inspiration Lush

Shhh…it’ll be over soon. Just a couple more.

And Then There is This:

Just to be clear I prefer dicks that are still attached but nonetheless – excellent exhibit, excellent documentary.

I only star dick pics.

And Lastly, This Dog Says ‘Fuck it':

Dog Says Fuck It / Inspiration Lush

Now what? Guess that’s all for now.

As always I’ll miss you.

Love Your Vodka Guzzling Lunatic and Best Friend Forever,

Sweet Baby Jamie


I’m Not Being Very Helpful:

Pour it on your face / Inspiration Lush

Light Quotes / Inspiration Lush

Perishable - Freezer Section / Inspiration Lush

Not Everyone Knows How To Pretend / Inspiration Lush

Lady Winking

Tension  / Inspiration Lush

Floating Girl / Inspiration Lush

Romantic Kiss / Inspiration Lush

Burn It / Inspiration Lush

Flipping Off / Giving the Bird / Gif / Inspiration Lush

I Should Prob Run For Office Now

February 12, 2013 § 1 Comment

I’ve come to realize that a good deal of my posts make some kind of reference to alcohol in the excess. So I decided to set a few goals for myself this weekend.

Which Are As Follows:

  • I will not walk home diagonally
  • I will not scream out, “God Damn! This is my JAMMM!’
  • I will not be the baddest bitch in this place with purple teeth
  • I will hydrate with liquids that do not contain alcohol
  • I will not eat the shit out of very average tasting nachos at 3AM and declare that they are the “most delicious thing I’ve ever tasted!”
  • I will not use my rape whistle, pepper spray and karate skills recreationally












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