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February 10, 2014 § 9 Comments

I love Valentine’s Day! I’ve always loved it, even when I was single because I could be a mess at the bar and people would just assume I was sad instead of an alcoholic.

Every year I send out Valentines to all my lovies (seriously I do) but the selection is always extremely limited. I never feel as if I can fully express myself with what’s currently out there. So I decided to make my own.

Cards By Jamie

I give a shit

STalker Valentine

Unplanned pregnancy

Sad ValentineHorrible Thing Valentine

Pay attention to me Valentine


Jealous Ex Valentine

Stalker Valentine

Don't die Valentine

Unicorn Vagina Faces

Insulting Valentine's day cards

How to Not Wish Yourself Dead on Wednesday

December 31, 2013 § 7 Comments

NYE is here! And I for one am stoked. Teary eyed dreamers often think of NYE as a send off for all the old shitty stuff and a welcoming party for what hopefully won’t be a year of soul decaying boredom. To celebrate it’s tradition to get shit faced and open mouth kiss each other. But here’s the thing, all those drinks can leave you waking up with the dreaded ‘next day’ feeling. So to help you avoid starting your new year in a shame spiral I’d like to offer some advice.

Bitches Be Advisin’

1. Say No to Snapchats

Dear Drunk Girl: Stop. Please, I beg of you. Do not press send. No good can come of this.

This…this is not a good look. Trust.

That was never suppose to see the light of

2. Tacos Give Me a Lady Boner

A liquid diet may seem like a savvy way to save calories but it’s an express train to vom-town. Or to put it another way, eat food because puking is never hot.

Katie Price Eating

3. Hide How Trashed You are by Shutting Your Trap

Mix in a little vodka and the next thing you know you are one sassy lady. Mix in a tad too much and you are one sassy lunatic. See the difference? I love you but for your own good, ‘Shhhh…don’t ruin it. No one hates you yet.’

Titanic Shut up

4. Feelings are a No-No

As a girl I know first hand, feelings are the worst. So if you start to feel the tingle of feelings, repeat after me: You can’t hurt me cause I’m already dead inside. If that doesn’t work find yourself a secret crying place and stay away from razor blades.

Lauren Conrad Crying

5. Stranger Danger

Do your best to avoid intercourse with strangers. A drunk weirdo that claims to like all the same stupid crap you like does not a soul mate make.

Making out with a dolphin

Lastly if you wake up on Wednesday to find that you failed to follow my advice. Here’s something to help put things into perspective.

You will fucking die some day.

So really who cares. These things matter the least. My real advice to you is do whatever the hell makes you happy. Unless it’s murdering people. Don’t do that.

And like I always say, what I do drunk is none of my business. What I mean by that is, don’t you dare try to fill me in. It’s called black out for a reason.

A Little Party Never Killed Nobody:

hot girls party

Black and white party pic



glitter party

young wild and free

Giant champagne bottle

Sponge bob licking hot guy

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