The Ceiling Can’t Hold Us

March 26, 2013 § 1 Comment

The following is an irrational yet perfectly understandable thought process I had on whether or not marrying for money is a good idea.

I’ve discovered a whole new world that exist while the rest of us our at work. And this world is filled with the most good looking people I’ve ever seen. I’d be lying if I didn’t admit they are truly of a higher caliber than the rest of us (but not you of course)*.

How do I know? Cause I’ve seen them with my own eyes. They can be found strolling through Whole Foods at 2 in the afternoon after just finishing a Vinyasa Flow class, their skin glowing, their asses looking perfectly perky in their see-through Lululemon pants. But how? Why? What do these women do for a living? And how can I become apart of this super hot secret society?

I recently went to a comedy show where the very hilarious comedian, (who I would totally plug here if I could remember her name) dedicated an entire set to marrying rich. I laughed and laughed but I also thought, ‘Holy Shit! She is on to something! These women found a loophole in the system and I here I am drinking the feminism Kool-aid.’

Of course now all of you are looking at me thinking, ‘WTF?! It’s like feminism never happened!’ But its not just women who can marry rich, men can too. So really, WHO’S THE SEXIST ONE NOW? Its not about equality, its about money. Try to keep up here.

I took it upon myself to conduct a sociological study** and after evaluating the material, here is the conclusion I came to: if you marry rich, its true you will have better skin than the rest of us but you will also get bored and have relations with the pool boy which means you will not be getting half of the estate in the divorce. And since most likely at this point in your life, the crazy will outweigh the hot (which is not an ideal ratio for rich husband hunting). The bills will begin to pile up, making it very hard to breathe and finally you will think, ‘Fuck all that noise! I can do this on my own!’*** And ladies and gentlemen that is how feminism started.

Someone once said, “Dance like only a few people are watching and they paid good money to see you and you really need the money.” I think that person was me. But seriously, life is the real luxury.****So get it gurrrlll!!!

Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger:







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*I mean that.

**In my mind.

***And you would be right.

****Wow, that is deep.

Item Of The Day: Sulking With Hair In Your Face

January 31, 2013 § 5 Comments

I see a lot of blogs with the title “Item Of The Day” and I like to follow the cool kids. I guess, ‘sulking with hair in your face’, isn’t technically an item. Maybe I should have said, ‘Item of the day: Hair Ties’ but that seemed confusing since the theme is more the lack of hair ties? I’m still working on this whole blog writing thing.

Somebody Please Get Me A Hair Tie, I’m Too Sad To Get One Myself:









Generation Why?

January 22, 2013 § 2 Comments

Saturday night I hung out with minors. Ok not exactly minors but people younger than me, so basically babies. At one point in the night, one of these youths pretended that he didn’t know the words to the Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air theme song. Which made me feel old and like I wanted to punch him back into his mother’s vagina.

I calmed down once I remembered that age, aging and dying are all just very abstract concepts modern science is still struggling to prove even exist.* And I also remembered alcohol exists. But this whole ordeal did get me thinking about generations and the affect they have on our personalities.

 A Confusing Stream of Thoughts I Have Because I’m A Product of Generation Y:

  • I like my software programs, music and movies like I like my drinks – free
  • We’re obsessed with taking indie to a whole new level
  • I’m part of a generation who grew up constantly being told that we are special. Why? Because we are. Next topic
  • Originality never existed. That being said, we are all super original (and special)
  • We all have a healthy dose of narcissism that we label as “introspection” –  Example: Why do I have a blog?
  • If I’m not constantly entertained I feel as if I’m going to pass out and die. My biggest fear in life is boredom
  • You can never be too caffeinated and energy drinks are part of a balanced diet
  • If you don’t have Facebook, either you don’t exist or you are the most interesting person I’ve ever met
  • What do you mean this isn’t proper business attire? This is my nice hoodie
  • Everything you just said in that meeting, could have been an email
  • I promise you this – I will never answer my phone when you call or listen to your voicemail. Text only
  • I would like to lodge a formal complaint with Forever 21, I am starting to find their name to be discriminating and offensive
  • It is really hard for us to make progress when people keep threatening that the world is ending and using phrases like YOLO

In conclusion, Generation Y is an entire generation made up of people who exhibit symptoms of middle child syndrome. Which means statistically we are the most likely to commit suicide and/or make it big time. I suggest you pick which direction interests you most. 

Personally, I’ve decided I’m just going to live for a living and then eventually win something.

I would go on but my time is valuable.

Meeting adjourned.

If You’re Younger Than Me – I Love You, But Fuck You:










*I made that up.

You Look Like Shit and I Love it!

November 5, 2012 § 3 Comments

One of my favorite looks is Hot Mess, especially when it comes to hair. So in honor of all the hot messes out there, I wanted to take a moment to embrace messy hair.

Redemption may not be possible, but at least your hair looks awesome:

Daytime Hot Mess Hair – You think this is cute? You should see when I actually try:

Respect to Lindsay for being able to keep her title as Hot Mess Queen for this long without dying:

Above does not apply to you Mischa. Go Home. You look like sadness:

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