A Lady’s Guide to Getting Free Drinks

September 9, 2014 § 7 Comments

I am a feminist. I support any and all efforts to create a society where the social, political and economic rights of women are equal to that of men. The reason I start with that declaration is because I could see how a woman expecting a man to purchase the first round of beverages could be interpreted as a bit sexist. And in a way it is, but in another way I don’t give a shit.

Also, I think it’s important to recognize feminism can come in many different forms, which is why I promise to revisit my stance on this subject once the 30% pay gap is closed.

Some men may be hesitant to buy a lady a drink. Maybe they think thirsty bitches (their words not mine) will take them for everything they got, one pinot grigio at a time. Usually these are the same men who use a woman’s every move as an excuse to talk to her. Call me old fashioned, but I’d be much more likely to talk to a fella who bought me a drink. Call me old fashioned, but I’d judge the fuck out of one who didn’t. Maybe that’s just me?

Anywho let’s get started:

#1 Googly Eyes

Googly eyes is when you hold the gaze of your selected dude a moment longer than the socially accepted standard. I’m sure the majority of you are now eye rolling like you’re stuck in gif purgatory. Well, duh right? It seems like a total no-brainer but, like a lot of things in life, timing is key. To demonstrate the perfect amount of time I’m going to use a visual metaphor, because that’s how my mind works, like an illiterate child’s.

Imagine you are hiking, and you approach a field of wildflowers. There in the close distance you spot the most beautiful creature you’ve ever seen, a young fawn. It senses your presence. Its head pops up. Its eyes focus on yours, long enough for one exhale, long enough for your souls to merge. You blink and you’re back in the bar. Your fawn is now a girl. She smiles. She turns back to her friends.*

#1 Section 2 – The Bar is a Safe Place

What if you gave him the perfect amount of googly eyes and he’s still not approaching? Well there may be a few variables working against you. Are you in a co-ed group? Are there any girls with resting bitch face? If your male of choice is introverted, these factors may give him room for pause. Which means you’re going to have to lure him to the bar. The bar is a safe place. In order to do this you must slam your drink, separate yourself from the group and head to the bar, and while en route you give him a look.

And now we wait…

Ninety-eight percent of the time your selected dude will just happen to also need a refill and will just happen to saddle up right next to you at the bar. Oh hai, fancy meeting you here.

The two percent that don’t respond to this move are either not interested in females or taken. And it doesn’t matter if that’s true or not as long as you believe it. That’s the beauty of delusion.

#2 Fake Bachelorette Party

Give a group of women the license to ‘let loose’ and you will get a drunken tidal wave of the horniest, sloppiest, screechiest girls imaginable. But you don’t have to wait for an actual bachelorette party to enjoy a penis-themed night of semi-questionable decisions.

How to throw a fake bachelorette party:

You’ll need a group of girls, a boa and/or tiara, and of course some penis-shaped items. Then choose your bachelorette. I suggest switching off. Because here’s a fun fact – guys want what they can’t have (what?? groundbreaking isn’t it??!) which means the “bachelorette” will get hit on ten times more than everyone else. Regardless of who is playing the part. I’ve seen it with my own eyes, people.

Now all other party participants choose an alias and make up an awesome backstory. You can be whoever you want. Why? Cause bullshitting strangers is fun! Although I’d avoid accents. Once you get drunk it’s hard to maintain consistency.

  • Pros: no lines for you, lots of free shots, role playing awesomeness
  • Cons: too many free shots

#3 Let’s Make a Deal

You’re at the bar. The bartender is busy. Everyone impatiently tries to get his/her attention. You and the dude next to you share a ‘god-this-is-so annoying’ look. You say, ‘Hey dude, let’s make a deal. You get his attention first, put in an order for me. If I get his attention I’ll put in your order.” Now you simply avoid eye contact with the bartender. Dude orders for you. You offer dude money. Dude says no cause his mama raised him right. Awww, that is so nice and totally unexpected. Thanks dude friend.

#4 I’ve Never Had That

You overhear a dude’s order. It sounds delicious. You say, ‘Is that good? I’ve never had that.’ Dude can’t believe you’ve never had (drink you’ve totally had). Dude insist he get you one. Dude says, ‘bartender make it two’. Awww, that is so nice and totally unexpected. Thanks dude friend.

#5 Game on bitch

Challenge him. Guys are competitive by nature. If there is a game nearby, most likely it’ll be darts. Approach him and say, “Hey, you up for a game? Loser buys drinks.” Then you just have to win. I kid, I kid, you don’t have to win. 90% of dudes are chivalrous enough to insist on purchasing the round regardless of the outcome. The other 10% are too short sighted to see the big picture win.

#6 Seem Really Bored

Guys love to swoop in and rescue a bored lil’ lady.

#7 Have Fun

Guys love to swoop in on a super fun lady.

#8 You Approach Him

I know, I know. Guys love a chase. Guys love girls who never give them the satisfaction of knowing they’ve been caught. I know that shit works but I also know it’s exhausting.

Which is why I’m a much bigger fan of the approach him method. There is a special power in not giving a shit. In walking straight up to a dude, tapping him on the shoulder and saying, ‘excuse me sir but I really like your face and well…buy me a drink or lose me forever.’

99.9983% of the time, that works every time. I picked up my dude in this very fashion which is why whenever he says something along the lines of ‘you are a crazy person,’ I retort with, ‘AH-DOYYY, pretty sure you knew that when you met me.’

But if that’s not your style then here are some more subtle approaches:

Ask for his expert opinion: Cheesy and transparent when guys use this approach but roles reversed, extremely effective. Guys are natural problem solvers, it plays to their ego. Start in with something like, ‘I’m sorry, this is so dumb, but my friend and I are having an argument and you look like someone who might know something about (insert anything this dude could have an opinion about).

Compliment him: Girls are constantly on the defense about compliments because they are used to getting hit on. Guys on the other hand are usually genuinely flattered. ‘Hi. You are very handsome.’  Thatsssss it.

Fall for him: Or rather into him. This is a total grade school move, but by god if it doesn’t work. Your friend pushes you, you trip, you accidentally hit him with your purse, any of those things. And then you’re like, ‘oh no, I’m so sorry. Are you ok? Did I spill on you? Bee-tee-dubs I’m Jamie.

Drop something: Yup, I said it. Go ahead and pull the most classic and utterly offensive of all female tropes – the damsel in distress. “Whoopsies, I dropped my purse. Oh no, it spilt everywhere. What’s a girl to do?” I’m sorry, but I wouldn’t put this out there in the world if it weren’t so astonishingly effective.

Say pretty much anything: Unless you say something horrifyingly creepy, what you say upon approaching really doesn’t matter that much. You have a vagina, remember? Here’s an example, ‘Excuse me, do you have a cat?‘ No, why? ‘Cause I’m allergic to cats so that would be a deal breaker. Hi, I’m Jamie.

End of Lesson One

In all honesty, I feel real shitty about writing this post. Not only do I feel like I just set feminism back fifty years but these games we play with the opposite sex, although very very fun, they’re kind of assholey. But in my defense I never said I was a good person…

I Regret Nothing:

Inspiration Lush

inspiration lush

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Inspiration Lush

 * I’m not comparing women to underage animals. It’s just a metaphor. Don’t ruin it with your logic.

Punch Drunk Love Or Something Like That

July 29, 2014 § 3 Comments

I am 8,000 miles from home. I’m sitting across from a man. He’s overly tall with dusty brown hair, a slightly swollen nose and two black eyes. Despite his Kung Fu Panda look, he’s unmistakably good-looking. He’s asking the waiter something about the menu and I’m watching the words leave his mouth, deciding whether or not I’m going to fuck him.

When you are young and single there are a lot of reasons to travel, one of them being the possibility of a fling with a hot foreigner. Every corner of new exploration is filled with hyper romantic situations that make you want to fall in love.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not one of those girls who loves love. No. I just love the idea of love because the idea of love is filled with that flirty fun feeling you get when someone looks at you like you are the best thing that’s ever happened to them. The idea of love enables you to avoid reality. Real love offers you the truth. Real love is work and indescribably better in the ways that truly matter.

But a fling where you fall in love with someone for only a few days or weeks, that is the shit they write movies about or, in my case, a random blog post a decade later.

I met my travel boyfriend in the most rom-com way possible. A friend of a friend of mine accidentally punched him in the face, breaking his nose. After it happened I felt compelled to escort him to the emergency room because it was the right thing to do and because when he took his shirt off, in an attempt to capture the blood, I wanted to spring up from my bar stool and applaud.

I want to say for the record I don’t swoon easily but I found his inability to give a shit about what people thought of him profoundly attractive. And also his face. And shirtless upper body. At the end of our first date, one of us (it might have been me…most likely it was definitely me) suggested a euphoric marathon.

Travel sex is a lot like break up sex. It’s a vortex of unfailing enthusiasm; the kind where you stay up all night to try to fit in as much as possible, taking only small breaks for rehydration because, for all you know, this may be the last time you’ll get to bounce around naked with this person.

After said marathon, Panda face and I spent the remaining weeks of my trip drunk off nothing but each other (and occasionally a cheap bottle of Cabernet). It was magic.

The best thing about a geographically unrealistic relationship is that it enables you to fall in love the way one only can under the safety of a zero percent chance of a future together. When you fall in love with the idea of a person and get out early it means you never get to the ordinary.

And as we all know, ordinary is where love goes to die (‘the one’ excluded). A fleeting relationship will also never be forced to experience a dramatic break-up that creeps into a post break-up obsession, that then morphs into commonplace obsession until finally, total indifference. It won’t even get a drama free break-up, where you stay the type of “friends” that only contact each other for late night rendezvous and help putting together IKEA furniture.

When it was finally time for me to go home. He took me to the airport where we both cried and held onto each other in an over the top public display that we weren’t at all embarrassed about, like we absolutely should have been. I boarded the plane with damp eyes and a heavy heart. I would miss him but I also, never wanted to see him again. What I wanted was to keep what we had perfectly preserved just as it was.

It was black and white and clean, the way things never are. It was temporary in the best way. There is something to be said about creating moments and memories entirely, exclusively, for the sake of creating moments and memories.

On My Toes For You

Travel Romance

Couple Kissing

Couple Kissing

Beach Couple

Kissing at bars

Boy with a guitar

Couple reading in bed

Couple / Piano

Romantic Bath


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